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When Worlds Collide: Philosophy and Soccer

If an earmark of comedic genius is the longevity of a one’s work, Monty Python’s Flying Circus stands out as brilliant. Every few years, the titanic battle between the Greeks and the Germans on the soccer field surfaces and reminds of the fact. Though produced and first aired in 1972, the sketch sti... [More]

First Zombies, Now Vampires. What’s up Tom?

Tom Morris is at it again this time interviewing Rebecca Housel on her recent books on Twilight and Philosophy and True Blood and Philosophy. The … and Philosophy books are intended to bridge the gab between the mainstream and the sublime and vampire talk certainly is all the rage. I haven’t read an... [More]

6/6/2010: Latest Reviews at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

Adrian Haddock, Alan Millar, Duncan Pritchard (eds.) Epistemic Value Reviewed by Joshue Orozco, Whitworth University C. Mantzavinos Philosophy of the Social Sciences: Philosophical Theory and Scientific Practice Reviewed by Warren Schmaus, Illinois Institute of Technology Axel ... [More]

What Zombies Can Teach Us About Religion and Philosophy

Philosopher Tom Morris interviews Kim Parrenroth on new book Valley of the Dead. Parrenroth’s 2006 book Gospel of the Living Dead book, which has become popular in certain circles, explores various themes in religion, philosophy, and politics through an examination of the work of George Romero. His ... [More]

6/3/2010: New Reviews at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

The Moral Foundations of Social Institutions by Seumas Miller; Reviewed by Alexa Forrester, Franklin & Marshall College The Philosophical Significance of Language by Scott Soames; Reviewed by Cara Spencer, Howard University An Image of the Soul in Speech: Plato and the Problem of Socrates by D... [More]

Anthony O’Hear Reviews Three Books on Religion

In a brief article for The Fortnightly Review, O’Hear reviews Practices of Belief: Volume 2, Selected Essays by Nicholas Wolterstorff, Absence of Mind: The Dispelling of Inwardness from the Modern Myth of the Self by Marilynne Robinson and An Awareness of What is Missing: Faith and Reason in a Post-... [More]

Dennett's Content and Consciousness Republished in Paper and E-book

Annoucement about Content and Consciousness in paper
Annoucement about Content and Consciousness in paper [More]

New Review on Recent Book on Searle’s Philosophy

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews has posted a review of Joshua Rust’s biography of John Searle. The book is published as a part of Continuum’s Contemporary American Thinkers series. “Rust gives his readers a grand overview of Searle's many philosophic activities. In doing so¸ he protects those w... [More]

A New Biography of Friedrich Nietzsche

; Francis Fukuyama of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies writes an abstract of a new biography of Nietzsche for the New York Times. The biography, written by Julian Young and titled, A Philosophical Biography of Friedrich Nietzsche, avoids overly psychologizin... [More]