IAI Conversation on Irony and Understanding

LOGO_iai-black_40x373222 In this conversation, a philosopher, a film director, and an historian discuss the role of irony in modern culture and whether its constructive, destructive or somewhere in between. Contemporary art and social critics use irony in ways that obscures meaning but also enables the artist and critic to express ideas in more in ways that may be more effective that purely analytical discourse or expression. From their website: From political cartoons to contemporary art, irony can demean and parody. But it also enables us to say things we could not say otherwise. Might the American philosopher Rorty be right that irony is the key to understanding? Is this a postmodern dead-end or a freer and less autocratic culture?

The Panel: Philosopher Hilary Lawson, historian of ideas Peter Watson and film director Sophie Fiennes confront the limits of sincerity.

Check out the video below and visit their website to join the conversation!

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