Art in the streets

Street artists are placing their bets on a new artistic practice, a new medium for art-making – one that ignores the institutional structures of the artworld, and rejects their role as arbiters of
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Street art has exploded – it pervades our back alleys, surrounds our bus-stops, covers up billboards, competes with advertising, and generally serves as wallpaper for most cities. We are used to visual noise surrounding us when we are out and about – a glut of graffiti, big billboards, local flyers envelop our entire visual field. We have learned to see through the eye pollution. But, recently, eye candy is slowly replacing the visual garbage: clever, witty, ironic, sarcastic, humorous, and interesting new art is popping up in unexpected nooks and crannies of cities all around the world. Beautiful, clever and inspiring, this new trend has more popularity and appeal with the ordinary public than most contemporary art. But, what is street art? A far cry from mere graffiti – turf wars on walls, expressions of angry, gang-members attempting a visual territory take-over. No, street art is more socially acceptable than graffiti, but neither officially sanctioned like public art nor. . .

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