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How to write for an Encyclopedia or other reference work

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From time to time, many of us will have the opportunity to write for a reference work like an encyclopedia or a handbook. The word encyclopedia has been around for a couple of thousand years and comes from the Greek term for general education. Encyclopedias as general reference books came about in the eighteenth century and the most ubiquitous when I was a student was the Encyclopædia Britannica.  But there also specialized encyclopedias of linguistic, law, mathematics, cuisine, music, and more. These are sometimes just called handbooks (or yearbooks if they are published annually). And there are encyclopedias of particular geographical areas, such as the online New Georgia Encyclopedia or the Oregon Encyclopedia. Reference works like encyclopedias are often organized into a taxonomy of categories like biography, events, places, institutions, ideas and theories, the natural world. In the age of the internet, well-balanced coverage is crucial to be sure that all the necessary topics. . .

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