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Symbol for assignment of a truth-value?

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Here’s an odd thing. There seems, browsing along my shelves, to be no standard symbolic metalinguistic shorthand for assigning a truth-value to a wff (say, in the propositional calculus). You would have expected there to be some. In the first edition of my Introduction to Formal Logic, I borrowed the symbol ‘‘ to abbreviate ‘has the value … [on some given valuation]’ and wrote the likes of e.g. If and  then . But on reflection this was silly, given that the symbol ‘‘ is already overloaded (not in my book, but elsewhere — like on math.stackexchange! — where, for a start, some use it for the conditional, some use it in place of a turnstile, and some get in a tangle by using it ambiguously for both!). It seems wiser not to add to possible confusion, especially when readers might well simultaneously get to see the double arrow being used in one of these different ways. So for the upcoming second edition, I’m now minded to. . .

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