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Making babies: 21st century reproduction

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Half a century ago, technological advancements challenged our understanding of life’s end. At what point does death occur for human beings? Prior to the 1960s, the answer was simple. The biological concept of death was defined as that which happens after one’s heart stops beating. But when technological advancements allowed the heart to beat even after the brain had died, it was no longer clear whether death occurred when the heart stopped beating or when the brain stopped functioning. Today, it is our understanding of the start of life, not its end, that’s being challenged. What does it take to reproduce? Once again, technological advancements are challenging one of our most familiar biological concepts. It used to be that there were only two ways for something to reproduce: either through the sort of sexual reproduction typical of most animals or through the asexual reproduction characteristic of things like bacteria. Advancements in biological technology, however, are forcing us to. . .

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