A question on ‘overlapping contracts’
A question on ‘overlapping contracts’




In our newest “how can we help you?” thread, a reader writes:

What are the norms around potentially overlapping contracts?

I ask because when transitioning from a temporary position to another temporary position I’ve sometimes faced the problem that my contract a job X is supposed to begin before my contract at job Y has ended. Of course, all of my teaching duties, etc. at X have finished, but I’m still technically on their payroll. Is it a problem to have contracts overlap?

Another reader, a UK postdoc, just added:

I would also like to know what people’s thoughts are on anon’s question re: overlapping contracts. I’ve heard anecdotally that this is acceptable e.g. if it is a month in summer when there is no teaching/department activity, but would like to know what people think more broadly.

So, I figured I should probably run a thread on this! One reader submitted the following answer:

I have been in your situation twice. However, the overlapping jobs were, in both cases, in two different countries, and for only one paycheck. If you pay taxes in the country x, but then for a month you work in the country y, unless your salary is insane, it does not make a difference tax-wise. If you are in the same country, then it’s just a matter of filing your taxes in the proper way – it’s just accumulating income, I guess. Please take my considerations cum grano salis, as I’m not an accountant, and there might be complications if you are on a visa.

Anyone else have any tips, experiences, or other insights?



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