Advancements in Gaming Technology




Technology has advanced in every aspect of life, including industries and the gaming industry has not been left out as seen in sports news online.

Gaming apps can now be accessed by players easily and at a lesser cost, all thanks to technological advancement! Here are some awesome advancements in gaming technology.

Development Tools

With the advent of new tools, development has become easier and more accessible. The first advancement was the advent of 3D graphics. While 2D games have always been a staple of gaming, most developers have moved to use 3D graphics.

This is because they are far more visually appealing and offer a better experience than 2D versions, particularly in terms of realism and immersion. Another important advancement is the rise in popularity of cross-platform gaming tools such as Unity3D. It allows developers to create games for multiple platforms at once.

The advancement has been a huge help for Indie developers who might not have access to or time to learn how each operating system works. It also saves money since less specialized knowledge needs to be learned by programmers.

These advancements have helped make game development faster. This allows more titles out into circulation with less time spent on developing them overall.

Game Engines

Game engines are software programs that allow developers to quickly and efficiently create games. This would otherwise be time-consuming and costly with traditional methods.

Examples of popular game engines include Unreal Engine by Epic Games and Unity by Unity Technologies. Game engines automate many different aspects of creating games so they would be done manually by custom-built systems like Havok physics Engine from Intel Corporation, to help create a physically realistic environment.

They also handle lighting effects like shadows casting onto surfaces when characters interact with them.

Augmented Reality in Games

Augmented reality in games is a new and exciting technology that’s being used in many different types of games today. The premise of augmented reality is to put digital information onto the real world. This allows players to interact with it.

This can be done through a smartphone app or through specialized glasses that project virtual elements into the user’s field of vision. In 2016, Pokemon Go launched on mobile phones as one of the first mainstream uses of augmented reality technology in gaming.

Other popular games like Zombies Go and the Walking Dead. Ingress which was released by Niantic Labs is also another game that utilizes augmented reality. It was released for Android devices only but later expanded support for iOS users.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual reality gaming is an emerging technology that has the potential to revolutionize how you play and interact with games. VR headsets, like the Oculus Rift, are already becoming more accessible to consumers.

Some companies are currently developing arcade machines that allow gamers a completely immersive experience in which they can physically move around the game environment. Others have created VR rides that allow customers to go through a real-life simulation of what it’s like playing a video game.

Virtual reality isn’t just for consoles anymore. Mobile devices now have access to virtual reality games as well. With this tech at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever before for you or your kids.

If there’s one thing you can learn from these advancements in gaming technology so far, is that there’ll always be something new around the corner waiting for us when you least expect it.

Streaming Games

Streaming gaming is the future of gaming, and it’s here now. But what exactly does streaming mean? Well, it’s easy to think of streaming as something similar to Netflix for movies or Hulu for TV. In this case, gamers would be able to stream games on their devices in the same way they can stream content from those other services.

However, some hurdles need to be overcome before streaming becomes an even bigger part of video game culture. For example, internet speeds, and human psychology, where many gamers see themselves as “anti-social “. This is because they prefer to spend their time playing video games instead of socializing with real humans.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is an interesting concept that’s beginning to gain traction in the gaming industry. It allows you to play games without downloading them first, and on any device, you are using at the time.

You can even play games without owning a console or powerful PC. This is made possible by Google Stadia. According to Google, it’s a new platform that will allow players to access “AAA” titles, without using any hardware beyond their computers or smartphones. All you need is an internet connection and a downloaded Google play store app.


Science has come a long way in the last 100 years. It’s making advances on all fronts, including automotive and aerospace engineering.

You can do things now that were unimaginable sometimes back. The technological advancement you have learned in gaming may seem like science fiction to some people!


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