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Philosophy News is growing like crazy and has become a smart place to put your advertising dollars. We have been publishing some great content and continue to work hard to get the word out using social networking, cross posting, and building strong relationships with other bloggers. But we know the key to a strong philosophy site is great content and that is our top priority. Our content is driving traffic and drawing a lot of eyeballs to the site. You can know that your ad will be seen by tens of thousands of targeted individuals interested in philosophy and related areas. If you’re ready to advertise with us, please check out our rate card. Not convinced yet? Read on.

Some Numbers

Our growth path is increasingly at a very healthy rate. While our 4 month average (as of this printing) is strong, the last months averages show where the potential lays. Over the last four months, we’ve averaged roughly 20,000 unique visitors and nearly 50,000 page views across all our content. However in the last month alone, we have had 30,000 unique visitors and nearly 100,000 page views. These numbers show where the trend is going. We have a great readership that has demonstrated a strong interest in philosophical and religious topics.

The Content

Philosophy is all about ideas and that means great content has to be at the core of a site like ours. Here are some samples of content we’ve published over the past few months:

  • An interview with world-renown philosopher Alvin Plantinga.
  • We started a new podcast series featuring interviews and lectures. These podcasts have included
    • An interview with the provocative Dr. Peter Boghossian on faith as a delusion.
    • A discussion with Drs. Michael Murray and Jeffrey Schloss on evolution and religious belief.
    • An interview with Oxford University Press author Dr. Jason Baehr on virtue epistemology
    • A lecture by Alvin Plantinga on the debate between science and religion
  • We published an wildly popular video by Dr. Peter Boghossian
  • We created an published a playful “poster” image that went viral.

These are examples of the type of content we have published and will be doing more of in the future.

Where things are going

We believe our core value is to bring philosophy to a broad audience. There are many fine sites that focus on content for philosophers. We believe philosophy is important for everyone and our goal is to reach thinking people regardless of their professional status with impactful philosophical content. To that end, we’re working on:

  • A stronger editorial calendar to improve the cadence and regularity of our content
  • A solid, professional editorial board to attract new authors and establish Philosophy News as “top of mind” location to publish great content
  • New media types that will convey tough philosophical concepts to a broader audience
  • Syndication models

We would love to have you as an advertising partner. If you’re interested in joining us, please check out our rate card and email with questions.



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