Almost Over: Aging, Dying, Death




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F. M. Kamm, Almost Over: Aging, Dying, Death, Oxford University Press, 2020, 330pp., $35.95 (hbk), ISBN 9780190097158.

Reviewed by Christopher Belshaw, University of York

F. M. Kamm’s latest book is a semi-compilation—eight chapters, almost all of which are, to different degrees, refashionings of earlier materials. So then it is neither a collection of extant writings nor a wholly new work, but something in between, dealing, in a loosely structured fashion, with various issues relating to death and dying.

It begins with some broad and long-standing questions about the badness of death and ends, with asking what the state—and here Kamm has in mind just the US state—should require, permit, or forbid regarding suicide and euthanasia. Intermediate chapters are concerned, inter alia, with how death affects meaning, end of life care and how to plan for it, and to what extent we should try to stave…

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