Call for co-author(s) in physical cosmology




Philosophers, physics, and mathematics friends: I recently received a promising ‘revise-and-resubmit’ from a good philosophy of physics journal for a paper on General Relativity and cosmology. However, the referees are asking for mathematics beyond my capabilities. So I’m hoping to find some co-author(s) with sufficient expertise to work with to (hopefully) bring the revisions to fruition. I was able to get one co-author with a good physics background to hop on the project yesterday, but we’d love to add additional people with expertise to the project–specifically, people who specialize in mathematical physics and cosmology.

If you have this kind of expertise and might be interested, just shoot me an email at I also have another project in a different area of philosophy of physics (that I am working on with another co-author in mathematics) that we might be able to use physics help with, as well. (N.B. Physics journals don’t utilize anonymized review and the deadline for resubmission is less than 8 weeks away, which is why I’m asking for help publicly!)

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