Top News, Articles, and Interviews in Philosophy

Born Today: Joseph Priestly

1733-1804 Materialist who held to what Copleston calls an “associationist psychology” which emphasized the connection between physical psychical events. Priestly got into a debate with Richard Price over free will and the immateriality of the soul. He became a Unitarian and is most famous for his w... [More]

The Character Project

The Character Project at Wake Forest University is very excited to launch its funding competition entitled “New Frontiers in the Philosophy of Character.” This $300,000 RFP is aimed at work in philosophy on the topic of character, and proposals can request between $40,000 and $100,000 for projects n... [More]

Fighting Atheism with Atheism

Philosopher Stephen Asma, writing for The Chronicle of Higher Education, uses the occasion of the publication of Sam Harris’ new book on ethics (The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values) to critically analyze the polemic of “The New Atheists”. While most certainly these atheists a... [More]

CFP: BSPR 2011 Conference

The subject of this years British Society for the Philosophy of Religion conference is God, Mind and Knowledge and is being held at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford. Keynote speakers include Professor John Cottingham (Reading, Heythrop College, and Oxford), Professor Sir Anthony Kenny (Oxfor... [More]