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Alonzo Church

[New Entry by Harry Deutsch and Oliver Marshall on October 21, 2021.] Alonzo Church (1903 - 1995) was a renowned mathematical logician, philosophical logician, philosopher, teacher and editor. He was one of the founders of the discipline of mathematical logic as it developed after Cantor, Frege and Russell. He was also one of the principal founders of the Association for Symbolic Logic and the Journal of Symbolic Logic. The list of his students, mathematical and philosophical, is striking as it contains the names of renowned logicians and philosophers. In this article, we [More]

Metaphysical Explanation

[New Entry by Andrew Brenner, Anna-Sofia Maurin, Alexander Skiles, Robin Stenwall, and Naomi Thompson on October 21, 2021.] Explanation comes in many forms. Scientific explanations typically concern the natural world, and typically proceed by citing causes of natural phenomena or subsuming them under empirical laws in some illuminating way. Mathematical explanations typically concern the [More]