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On SHAPE: a Q&A with Lucy Noakes, Eyal Poleg, Laura Wright & Mary Kelly

OUP have recently announced our support for the newly created SHAPE initiative—Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts for People and the Economy. To further understand the crucial role these subjects play in our everyday lives, we have put three questions to four British Academy SHAPE authors and editors—social and cultural historian Lucy Noakes, historian of objects and faith Eyal Poleg, historical sociolinguist Laura Wright, and Lecturer in Contemporary Art History Mary Kelly—on what SHAPE means to them, and to their research.       Related StoriesSHAPE today and tomorrow: Q&A with Sophie Goldsworthy and Julia Black (part two)Introducing SHAPE: Q&A with Sophie Goldsworthy and Julia Black (part one)The power of pigs: tension and taboo in Haifa, [More]

Ralph Cudworth

[New Entry by Sarah Hutton on May 7, 2021.] The English philosopher, Ralph Cudworth (1618 - 1688) defies classification within customary categories of the history of philosophy. At a time when mainstream philosophers announced their modernity by breaking with the past, Cudworth is a figure of continuity, steeped in ancient philosophy, yet abreast of contemporary philosophy and science. He shared the anti-scholastic agenda of self-styled modernisers like Bacon, Hobbes and Descartes, with whose philosophy he engaged, but framed his most original ideas by [More]