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Croce’s Aesthetics

[Revised entry by Gary Kemp on October 8, 2021. Changes to: Main text, Bibliography] The Neapolitan Benedetto Croce (1860 - 1952) was a dominant figure in the first half of the twentieth century in aesthetics and literary criticism, and to lesser but not inconsiderable extent in philosophy generally. But his fame did not last, either in Italy or in the English speaking world. He did not lack promulgators and willing translators into English: H. Carr was an early example of the former, R. G. Collingwood was perhaps both, and D. Ainslie did the latter service for most of Croce's principal works. But his [More]

Towards a Polemical Ethics: Between Heidegger and Plato

2021.10.01 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Gregory Fried, Towards a Polemical Ethics: Between Heidegger and Plato, Rowman and Littlefield, 2021, 294pp., $125.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781786610003. Reviewed by Robert Metcalf, University of Colorado Denver The title of Gregory Fried’s book led me to expect a study of the polemical character of ethical life, drawing on insights from both Plato and Heidegger—which makes sense, given that both thinkers have much to teach us about polemos and ‘the ethical.’ But in fact, the word, “towards,” in the title, points to something more interesting and more ambitious than what I had expected, for the book intends to lay out what the author describes as a “propaedeutic metaethics” in the precise sense of “establishing the grounds for the possibility of an ethical life, norms, and morality, as well as the customs, laws, and institutions needed to sustain such a life” (4). Such a project entails, among other things, a phenomenological account... Read [More]