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Rape by Fraud

Joyce Short, who was the victim of deception, has argued that rape by fraud should be a crime. Pragmatically, the legal issues are the most important; but the moral aspects of the proposal are philosophically important. To set the context for the discussion and to avoid straw person attacks, those seriously arguing that rape by [More]

How to do fact checking

The actor Cary Grant once said of acting that, “It takes 500 small details to add up to one favorable impression.” That’s true for writing as well—concrete details can paint a picture for a reader and establish credibility for a writer. Details can be tricky, however, and in the swirl of research and the dash of exposition, it is possible to get things wrong: dates, names, quotes, and facts. The post How to do fact checking appeared first on [More]

Not so explosive …

There’s no doubt that Sue Prideaux’s I am Dynamite is a highly entertaining read, and rattles along wonderfully well as a late-night distraction. It has its jaw-dropping moments. Wagner comes across as a ludicrously bombastic figure (who could possibly have guessed … Continue reading → The post Not so explosive … appeared first on Logic [More]

IFL2 — Three chapters on natural deduction (for propositional logic)

I won’t bore you by reviewing the crooked path by which we got here. But I’m steadily working with a cheerier feeling about the draft second edition of my intro logic book. And I can now offer you — drumroll! — … Continue reading → The post IFL2 — Three chapters on natural deduction (for propositional logic) appeared first on Logic [More]