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Legal Interpretation

[New Entry by Mark Greenberg on July 7, 2021.] Legal interpretation involves scrutinizing legal texts such as the texts of statutes, constitutions, contracts, and wills. This chapter introduces the foundational question of what legal interpretation, by its nature, seeks - and competing answers to that question. It goes on to canvas leading substantive theories of legal interpretation and examines in greater depth a few influential theories and difficulties they encounter. Finally, the chapter considers how theories of legal interpretation should be defended and evaluated. 1. Introduction 2. What Legal Interpretation Seeks 2.1 Linguistic [More]

The Tomorrow War & Time

This contains many spoilers. When I first saw the trailer for The Tomorrow War my thought was “I wonder who that store-brand Chris Pratt is?” When I realized it was the actual name-brand Chris Pratt, my thought was “he must really need money.” Yes, it is exactly that kind of movie. I will start with [More]