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12 of the most important books for women in philosophy

To celebrate women's enormous contributions to philosophy, here is a reading list of books that explore recent feminist philosophy and women philosophers. Despite their apparent invisibility in the field in the past, women have been practising philosophers for centuries. The post 12 of the most important books for women in philosophy appeared first on OUPblog.         Related StoriesNational Women’s History Month: A Brief HistoryIs it right to use intuition as evidence?Harold Wilson’s resignation honours – why so [More]

Is it right to use intuition as evidence?

Dr. Smith is a wartime medic. Five injured soldiers are in critical need of organ transplants: one needs a heart, two need kidneys, and two need lungs. A sixth soldier has come in complaining of a toothache. Reasoning that it’s better that five people should live than one, Smith knocks out the sixth soldier with […] The post Is it right to use intuition as evidence? appeared first on OUPblog.         Related StoriesWhat makes arrogant people so angry?When the movie is not like the book: faithfulness in adaptationsCelebrating notable women in philosophy: Philippa [More]

Treating Persons as Means

[New Entry by Samuel Kerstein on April 13, 2019.] Sometimes it is morally wrong to treat persons as means. When a person says that someone is treating him merely as a means, for example, he often implies that she is failing to abide by a moral norm. Ethically disapproving judgments that a person is "just using" or sometimes simply "using" another are common in everyday discourse (e.g., Goldman a Schmidt 2018). Authors appeal to the idea that research on human subjects (Levine 2007: 140; Van der Graaf and Van Delden 2012), management of [More]

IFL2: Chapters on QL languages

One of the parts of the first edition of IFL that I liked rather better, and which seemed to work with students, was the bunch of chapters motivating the quantifier-variable notation and introducing the standard language of quantification theory. Which … Continue reading → The post IFL2: Chapters on QL languages appeared first on Logic [More]

Regius Chair of Moral Philosophy

Job List:  Europe Name of institution:  University of Aberdeen Town:  Aberdeen Country:  United Kingdom Job Description:  The Regius Chair of Moral Philosophy will contribute to the objectives of the School and University by conducting outstanding research and teaching in philosophy. The Chair will lead in the development and implementation of research strategy, attracting external grant funding, recruiting and supervising PhD students, and forming collaborative networks, as well as publishing and disseminating research in academic and public [More]

Jacquette’s Frege

Oscar Murillo’s terrific new exhibition in Cambridge is called “Violent Amnesia”. And I too have obviously been afflicted by a bad temporary bout of amnesia! It suddenly all came back to me. In 2007, Dale Jacquette published a new translation … Continue reading → The post Jacquette’s Frege appeared first on Logic [More]