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Martin Luther

[New Entry by Robert Stern on July 22, 2020.] Martin Luther (1483 - 1546) is the central figure of the Protestant Reformation. Whilst he is primarily seen as a theologian, the philosophical interest and impact of his ideas is also significant, so that he arguably deserves to be ranked as highly within philosophy as other theologians in the Christian tradition, such as Augustine or Aquinas. Nonetheless, in Luther's case this may seem more problematic, as his attitude to philosophy and indeed reason can be hostile and dismissive. On closer inspection, [More]

Mathematical Structuralism, Essay 3

The third essay in The Pre-history of Mathematical Structuralism is by José Ferreirós and Erich H. Reck, on ‘Dedekind’s Mathematical Structuralism: From Galois Theory to Numbers, Sets, and Functions’. The title promises something rather more exciting than we get. Why? Let’s … Continue reading → The post Mathematical Structuralism, Essay 3 appeared first on Logic [More]

Conservative Arguments for Inheritance Reform

While Republicans are generally staunch defenders of inheritance, a consistent and principled conservative would want to reform the legal aspects of inheritance—perhaps even radically. While this might seem an absurd claim, bear with me as I advance the arguments. These arguments are based on professed conservative principles regarding what I will broadly call welfare—support provided [More]