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Developing a writing style

There has been for quite a while a short page of notes here at Logic Matters, intended for graduate students (or indeed for anyone) on writing essays, thesis chapters, draft papers. I recently noticed that it is still visited two … Continue reading → The post Developing a writing style appeared first on Logic [More]

Tenure-Track Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in Chinese Philosophy in the School of Humanities (Philosophy)

Job List:  Asia/Africa/Australasia Name of institution:  The University of Hong Kong Town:  Hong Kong Country:  Hong Kong Job Description:  Applications are invited for appointment as Tenure-Track Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in Chinese Philosophy in the School of Humanities (Philosophy) (Ref.: 502112), to commence on July 1, 2021 or as soon as possible thereafter, on a three-year fixed-term basis, with the possibility of renewal and with consideration for tenure before the expiry of a second three-year fixed-term contract. Exceptionally outstanding candidates at the Professor/Associate Professor level may be considered for appointment on tenure [More]

Winning an Argument

Since I teach philosophy, I am sometimes asked about how to win an argument. Being a philosopher, I always engage in a philosophical discussion rather than providing tips on how to destroy with “facts” and “logic.” In philosophy, an argument is a set of claims. There are two types of claims in an argument: one [More]

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Jain Studies

Job List:  Americas Name of institution:  University of Toronto Town:  Ontario Country:  Canada Job Description:  The Department of Historical Studies at the University of Toronto invites applications for the Bhagavan Shitalnath Post-doctoral Fellowship in Jain Studies. The appointment will begin February 1, 2021. The post is for a period of 3 years. Candidates working in any field of Jain Studies are encouraged to apply. The successful applicant will have demonstrated expertise in one or more research languages and be able to work with primary source [More]

Do we Still have a Chance? The Challenge of Emergency Measures for the Survival of Humankind

  The epidemic of COVID-19 seems to have snuffed out all other subjects of debate. But there remain problems that we could define as a little more worrisome than the COVID pandemic, for instance, the possibility of the extinction of humankind and, perhaps, of the Earth's biosphere. But here Dr. Ye Tao is giving an effective presentation that highlights that we are in a dire emergency. And, as usual, solutions and problems are two sides of the same medal.  Caution: highly catastrophistic post!The Problem The clip above shows a recent talk by Dr. Ye Tao, interesting for several reasons. One is how it goes to the core of the climate story with the typical approach of the physicists: based on data and on the laws of physics. This approach bypasses much of the ongoing debate, in large part hijacked by modelers and their opponents. Unfortunately, the emphasis on models has generated the diffuse misunderstanding that climate change is mainly a question of models and that the future climate can be predicted by models. That has generated an attempt by skeptics to show that models generated poor predictions in the past. From that, they maintain that if models can't predict things right, then climate change doesn't exist or is not a problem. One reason, although not the only one, why the debate remains stuck and leads to no decisions. Instead, if you go to the basic physics of the issue, you'll discover that models are certainly wrong as predictive tools simply [More]