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Short Little Lessons in Logic: Truth Function

The type of logic we’ve been studying in this series is called “truth-functional” logic. In this lesson, we’ll learn more about what that term means and how understanding truth function can help us better analyze truth value. We'll also take a look at the puzzling case of the conditional and learn how to understand the truth values of this operator. [More]

Short Little Lessons in Logic: Negation and Conditional

The negation operator is the only ‘monadic’ operator in the operators we study in this course. You’ll learn what that means and how to use negation. The conditional is a special operator that is both a little more complicated to understand but also very powerful. You’ll learn how to construct conditionals and what each part of the conditional communicates about truth value. [More]

Short Little Lessons in Logic: Conjunction and Disjunction

The first two of our four operators. Each operator has an impact on the truth value of a compound statement and in this lesson, you’ll learn how to use these operators. We'll also study how to understand the truth value of the whole compound statement relative to the truth value of the individual simple statements that make them up. [More]