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Short Little Lessons in Philosophy: Introduction to Logic

Short Little Lessons in Logic is the first in a new series by Philosophy News where you can learn philosophy in bite-sized chunks at your own pace. This first series covers fundamental concepts in formal logic and covers the basics of logic, how to construct arguments, deductive and inductive reasoning, truth tables, categorical logic and informal logic. We're excited to bring you this free series and we appreciate you telling others about it on social media! [More]

Short Little Lessons in Logic: The Science of Logic

Lesson 1 in the series "Short Little Lessons in Logic". In this lesson, we introduce formal logic and how it can be used to help us become better thinkers. In it, we claim that there is a right way to organize our thoughts and logic is the tool that helps us do this. You'll learn the definition of logic and some important terms that will help set you up for success in the rest of the course. [More]