Center for AI Safety Fellowship




[T]he Center for AI Safety … [is] a non-profit organization focused on research aimed at minimizing risks from advanced AI.

We’re hosting a fellowship program from January to August 2023 for students and graduates of philosophy PhD programs to work on AI safety. Fellows will have the opportunity to spend seven months in San Francisco writing and completing a research project, attending guest lectures (including talks given by Peter Railton, Shelly Kagan, and AI professors/research scientists at Berkeley, Cambridge, and DeepMind), participating in seminars, and working with other fellows and AI safety researchers.

No prior experience with AI is required.


$60,000 grant for the seven-month program (willing to match competing offers)
$20,000 housing stipend
Full-time positions at the Center for AI Safety for top-performing fellows
Connections to other institutions
Free daily lunch and dinner
Covered cost of travel

For the application and further information, you can find our website here:

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