Epistemic Explanations: A Theory of Telic Normativity, and What it Explains




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Ernest Sosa, Epistemic Explanations: A Theory of Telic Normativity, and What it Explains, Oxford University Press, 2021, 234pp., $40.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780198856467.

Reviewed by John Greco, Georgetown University

This book articulates and defends the latest version of Ernest Sosa’s distinctive virtue epistemology. Importantly, this new view both adds to and departs from earlier versions in various ways, resulting in what Sosa calls “a substantially improved telic virtue epistemology.” This new view, according to Sosa, “reconfigures earlier virtue epistemology,” which “now seems a first approximation” (xii). Expectations created by Sosa’s previous work will be extremely high, but the book does not disappoint—Sosa’s discussion is masterful. The book is full of ingenious arguments and acute insights that will occupy epistemologists for years to come.

Section 1 of this review articulates some central features of Sosa’s virtue epistemology that carry over to the new view. Section 2 highlights some new topics of…

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