Finishing a grad program remotely?
Finishing a grad program remotely?




In our newest “how can we help you?” thread, a grad student asks:

Now that I have completed my coursework, I would love to finish my graduate program remotely. What are the norms for doing this sort of thing? It seems like most graduate students that do this have some kind of visiting student affiliation with another department. But is this sort of affiliation necessary? What else should I consider here?

Good questions! I don’t know much about this, but my initial reaction was to wonder whether grad programs might be biased against this kind of thing, much as many workplaces are with respect to remote work. However, “recent PhD” submitted the following reply:

I know several people who do this for a variety of reasons. I certainly didn’t go into the department when I was writing my dissertation during the pandemic. I think the biggest hurdle is funding. If you have to TA to get funding and all classes is in person, you obviously have to show up. People I know who are doing this are either teaching online or on fellowship/grant money.

Any readers out there have any helpful tips, experiences, or other insights to share?

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