Frances Power Cobbe: Essential Writings of a Nineteenth-Century Feminist Philosopher




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Frances Power Cobbe and Alison Stone (ed), Frances Power Cobbe: Essential Writings of a Nineteenth-Century Feminist Philosopher, Oxford University Press, 2022, 261pp. $29.95 (pbk), ISBN 9780197628232.

Reviewed by Karen Green, University of Melbourne

This selection of essays from the pen of Frances Power Cobbe is the latest addition to the Oxford New Histories of Philosophy series, which sets out to publish editions of works by women and people of color ‘that were groundbreaking in their day but left out of traditional accounts’ of the history of philosophy (vii). As with other editions in the series, the selection begins with an introductory account of the life and philosophical significance of the author. Alison Stone tells us that ‘Cobbe was extremely well known in her time; her views were widely discussed, and she helped shape the intellectual and philosophical landscape of Victorian Britain’ (6). Indeed, she emerges from this selection as a quintessentially Victorian moralist, whose prose resonates…

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