Free online translations of non-Western philosophy?




In our newest “how can we help you?” thread, Newish CC Prof writes:

Since I’ve seen several discussions here of resources for teaching non-western philosophy.

One hurdle I’ve found as I tried to figure out how to do that more is availability of texts. I’m committed to not making my students buy textbooks, and have no discretion on what textbook I’d make them buy if I did.

Serviceable public domain translations of all the “canonical” western figures are easy to find online. Every recommendation I’ve seen for translations of Chinese, Indian, African, etc. figures has been a book I’d have to ILL and then get sketchy with the departmental scanner.

Are there freely available English translations to be had online outside “the Western canon?”

This is a great question, and two readers submitted helpful replies. Chris Stephens writes:

Robert Eno has translations of many classical Chinese philosophy texts available on line for free student and instructor use.

And Andrew writes:

I’d recommend that recent Hackett editions. They are affordably priced and well-structured, e.g., Confucius by Edward Slingerland, Mengzi by Bryan van Norden. Back in the day, I think they’d even send an evaluation copy if you asked. What I’ve used but found a bit harder to work is Ames & Hall translations. Alternately, there are free translations on but those are usually the 100+ year old ones.

These comments are helpful, but only point to online resources for translation of Chinese texts. Anyone know of any good online resources for free, public-domain translation of ‘non-Western’ texts more generally?

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