Good audiovisual material for teaching?




In our newest “how can we help you?” thread, a UK postdoc asks:

I would like to assign some audiovisual material to students in addition to ‘normal’ readings, but I am having trouble finding appropriate material. Is there a database of some sort where I can find videos, podcasts etc? Or what are other people’s strategies?

Hmm…good questions! I sometimes use YouTube videos while teaching, which I’ve found to be a good resource, particularly because many videos appear to meet accessibility requirements (viz. transcription, etc.). Beyond this, though, I wouldn’t call myself much an expert on finding good AV material. So, I’d love to hear from readers.

Is there any kind of useful database for finding this kind of content for teaching? And, more generally, how do you use AV material in your teaching, and how do you go about finding good content?

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