How can we help you? (September 2022)




Now that it’s been a month since our last “how can we help you?” thread, it’s time for a new one.

For those of you unfamiliar with this series, this is a chance for you to post openly or anonymously in the comments section below on anything you could use help with related to the profession. After you post your query in the comments section, I will then post new threads for readers to discuss your query.

As usual, feel free to ask questions on anything (within the Cocoon’s mission) that you could use help with, including but not limited to:

The job-market (applying for jobs, etc.)
Issues in the profession (including issues of social justice)
Graduate school
Work-life balance
Mental health & well-being
Personal struggles

Ask away – we’re here to help! 

Important reminder: if you submit a comment in this thread responding to someone’s query, I won’t post it, as this makes it difficult for me to keep track of everything in the comments section, particularly which queries I’ve started new threads on and which ones I have not. However, if you do post a follow-up comment, chances are good that I will post it in the new thread I start on the relevant query. So, do feel free to submit responses. Just know that they won’t appear in this particular thread and might instead appear later in a new post.

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