Hume on Miracles (Series Index)




I have written a number of articles about Hume’s famous essay ‘Of Miracles’ over the years. Most of these articles try to vindicate Hume’s core insights and rebut some of his critics. I still believe that Hume’s essay, for all its flaws and outdated linguistic quirks, contains a core of good sense and, for better or worse, provides the starting point for most philosophical debates about miracles. Here, I have gathered together all the relevant articles for those that are interested:

Hume’s Argument Against Miracles (Part One)Hume’s Argument Against Miracles (Part Two)The Everlasting Check: Understanding Hume’s Argument Against MiraclesHume, Miracles, and the Many Witnesses ObjectionArif Ahmed’s Case Against the Resurrection (included because the first argument is essentially a version of Hume’s)Arguments to and from Miracles – Hume on Violation MiraclesDavid Hume on the Credentials of Revelation

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