Hurricane Ian pause




This is just a quick note that there may not be many (or perhaps even any) new posts on the Cocoon this week due to Hurricane Ian. My spouse and I live in Tampa, and bought our first home only about a month ago. We are in the process of prepping and may have to evacuate. We may also be without power for quite a while, depending on how things go.

Readers should feel free to post comments on existing posts (including our job market discussion and reporting threads), and I’ll do my best to moderate and approve them as soon as I can. Having lived in Florida for about a decade now, sometimes things can unexpectedly turn out okay with these things. If (depending on conditions) moderating becomes infeasible, I’ll try let you know–but you’ll probably be able to infer what’s going on from news reports.

To everyone in Florida (or otherwise in the path of the storm), I hope you and yours stay safe. Wish us luck.

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