Ignorance: A Philosophical Study




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Rik Peels, Ignorance: A Philosophical Study, Oxford University Press, 2023, 344pp., $83.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780197654514

Reviewed by Alessandra Tanesini, Cardiff University

Ignorance remains a neglected topic in analytic epistemology even though its study has spawned a whole interdisciplinary field generally known as agnotology. Arguably, Rik Peels has, over the years, been leading the attempt to remedy this lamentable situation. This book is the culmination of that work since it provides his epistemology of ignorance and shows how it can be applied to a range of issues of philosophical and social importance. In what follows I supply a selective overview of the main topics addressed in the book and briefly sketch three related worries about some of the views defended in the volume. Although I am critical of Peels’ fundamental methodological assumptions, one should not take these criticisms to imply a negative judgment about the value of…

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