Introducing ‘New Work in Philosophy: A multimedia newsletter’




I am excited to announce that Barry Maguire (University of Edinburgh) and I launched a Substack newsletter today, New Work in Philosophy.

The site aims to improve the dissemination and discussion of new published work in the field by featuring short, accessible posts (blog posts, short videos, prezi presentations, argument maps, etc.) about new books and articles in philosophy. The site also encourages professional discussion of posts modeled on a conference Q&A period (for the site’s unique commenting and moderation policy, see here).

While we have commissioned a series of posts to launch the site, our aim is for the site to be anti-elitist. We welcome unsolicited submissions from any professional philosopher (PhD students or beyond) or anyone who has previously published or presented philosophy in legitimate peer-reviewed venues.

We also particularly encourage submissions from junior philosophers and underrepresented groups in the profession, as well as postdocs, VAPs, and full or part-time faculty from a diverse variety of institutions.

The site’s first three posts are now up:

1. An 8-minute video and lightboard presentation by Mark Schroeder (USC) on his paper, “Attributive Silencing.”

2. A short blog post and 7-minute lecture by Wendy Salkin (Stanford University) on her paper “Democracy Within, Justice Without: The Duties of Informal Political Representatives” (Noûs, 2021).

3. A blog post by Sukaina Hirji (University of Pennsylvania) on her new paper, “Outrage and the Bounds of Empathy” (Philosophers Imprint, 2022).

If you would like to pitch a post, just email or

Your pitch could be anything: just a couple of sentences, a longer blog-style post, a video of any length, an argument map, a few powerpoint slides with commentary. Your pitch doesn’t need to be an actual summary of your work. It could be a broader pitch that simply motivates the point of the paper in the larger context of a new project, or a zestier pitch that says more loosely what you hope the takeaway will be.

If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, you can do so here, and the site’s Twitter page is here if you’d like to follow. I also highly recommend downloading the Substack app from the App Store for ease of access.

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