Job-market discussion thread (2022-23 season)




As many readers of the Cocoon may recall, each job season the Cocoon hosts two job-market threads:

A job-market discussion thread (the present thread): to commiserate about the market, discuss particular job ads, the market in general, questions about application materials, interviewing, alt-ac opportunities, and so on.
A job-market reporting thread: to post news about interviews, on-campus visits, offers, rejection notices, etc.

Although I recognize that it is very early in the year, given that the academic job-market begins to ramp up in August, I thought it might be good to post this season’s discussion thread earlier than in the past. After all, readers who will be heading out on the market may already have questions you’d like to discuss (about application materials, the application process, etc.). So, please feel free to bookmark and visit this thread throughout the job season to commiserate with others, or just to see what others are talking about! 

Because someone always asks, “Why two threads?”, there are a couple of reasons. First, some people may want to discuss the market but not stress over daily news regarding which jobs they still do or don’t have a chance for. Conversely, others may not want to discuss the market but just want news about the jobs they’ve applied for. Second, these threads can get very long already, so I think the best way for people to get the information they want in a well-ordered format is simply to have two threads.

A few final notes:

This thread (the post you are reading right now!) will be the home of this year’s job-market discussion thread. So, if you want to discuss this year’s job-market, just comment below.
Please reserve job-market news (i.e. interviews, on-campus visits, hires, etc.) for the job-market reporting thread, which I will open sometime in September.
A ‘permalink’ to this thread will be on the upper right of blog’s right sidebar for the rest of the job season. –>
Because of Typepad’s functionality limitations (which only permits 100 comments before starting a new comment page), readers may elect to bookmark each new page of comments as each new page emerges. I recognize that it can be frustrating to scroll through page after page to get to new comments, and I think this is probably the best solution given Typepad’s functionality limitations.

Finally, as always, readers are asked to please bear in mind the Cocoon’s safe and supportive mission. I try not to moderate with too heavy of a hand, as I don’t like to squelch reasonable discussion and debate. I also realize that the job-market can be an emotional roller-coaster, and that passions can run deep on job-market issues. But the Cocoon has always been intended to be an unique oasis of sorts: as a refuge for early-career philosophers to support each other and discuss issues related to their careers and the profession in productive, supportive way. So, I will moderate carefully to ensure that these threads remain a welcome environment for everyone–and, of course, if anyone has any concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know.

All that being said, discuss away!

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