Job market do’s and don’ts: research statements




I’d like to continue our new job-market do’s and don’ts series today by asking search committee members to weigh in on what job candidates should and shouldn’t do in research statements. I wrote one post on teaching portfolios back in 2015 in our Job Market Boot Camp, but I think it would be good to hear from search committee members on what they think are do’s and don’ts for research statements. 

Are there things that you’ve seen candidates do in research statements that worked particularly well? Are there particular things you want to see in a good research statement (such as a 5 year plan)? What about things you don’t want to see? Are there any common mistakes you’ve seen candidates make in research statements that you think candidates should know to avoid?

Finally, job candidates: feel free to ask search committee members in thread below any questions that you have about research statements (and search committees, feel free to answer)!

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