Job market do’s and don’ts: teaching demos




I’d like to continue our new job-market do’s and don’ts series today by asking search committee members to weigh in on what job candidates should and shouldn’t do in teaching demos.

I wrote one post giving some tips for job talks at teaching-focused institutions in our Job Market Boot Camp series, but I think it would be great to hear from other search committee members.

Are there things that you’ve seen candidates do in teaching demos that worked particularly well? Are there particular things you want to see in a good demo? What about things you don’t want to see? What are the most common features of a good or bad demo? Are there any common teaching demo mistakes you’ve seen candidates make? Is there anything in particular that can ‘sink’ a candidate?

Finally, job candidates: feel free to ask search committee members in thread below any questions that you have (and search committees, feel free to answer)!

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