Job-market reporting thread (2022-23 season)




As I noted in opening this season’s job-market discussion thread, each year the Cocoon has two open job-market threads: one for job market discussion/commiseration, and another for reporting job-market news (interviews, on-campus invites, offers, rejections, etc.). As noted previously, the reason the Cocoon has two threads is simple: some people only want to discuss/commiserate but not hear about interviews, offers, etc., whereas other people just want news, and other people still want both!

Anyway, although I recognize it is quite early in the job season, last year I planned to open the reporting thread in October, only to have multiple readers request for it to open earlier (apparently, job-market news can start fairly early). So, here it is: this season’s job-market reporting thread!

Please do feel free to bookmark or otherwise follow this thread throughout the job season (this fall and next spring), and post any news you have! Also, please do feel free to report on jobs in other departments that philosophers can be expected to apply to (political theory jobs in political science departments, AI-ethics jobs in interdisciplinary departments, etc.). Just make sure you specify the institution and department so that other readers and commentators don’t confuse them with jobs in philosophy departments.

One quick reminder: this thread is only for reporting news on the market (i.e. reporting interviews, flyouts, offers, hires, and so on), so please, report away! If you would like to discuss the job-market, please comment on the discussion thread. Permalinks to both job threads will remain on the right side-bar of the blog through the end of the job season. Because of Typepad’s functionality limitations (which only permits 100 comments before starting a new comment page), readers may elect to bookmark each new page of comments as each new page emerges. I recognize that it can be frustrating to scroll through page after page to get to new comments, and I think this is probably the best solution given Typepad’s functionality limitations.

Finally, commenters are asked to please remember and abide by the Cocoon’s supportive mission while reporting. Thanks, and best of luck to all on the market!

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