Lire le matérialisme




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Charles T. Wolfe, Lire le matérialisme, Préface de Pierre-François Moreau, ENS Éditions, 2020, 291pp., €29.00 (pbk), ISBN 9791036202377.

Reviewed by Ruth Edith Hagengruber, Paderborn University

This is a work on the history and philosophy of materialism spanning the ‘modern’ period broadly understood, running from the seventeenth century to contemporary thought. It is entitled Lire le matérialisme, that is, “Reading Materialism.”

“Reading Materialism” is ambiguous as a title as the focus and intention of this book is to challenge a broadly accepted and widespread understanding of materialism. Reading Materialism, after all, does not say, “Reread the materialists again,” but “Change the way you think about materialism.” There is something more to understanding what materialism is, which needs to be stressed. Charles Wolfe uses his arguments to strengthen the insight that materialism is crucial to enhancing the descriptive and experience-based philosophical and scientific endeavor when we understand it anew.


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