Master’s Programs in Philosophy




According to the American Philosophical Association (APA), there are 127 graduate programs in philosophy that offer a terminal Master’s degree. However, it isn’t easy to find out much about them.

This page will tell you which MA programs offer funding for students, but there are other questions one might have about them, such as:

Are there unfunded MA programs in philosophy worth considering, and why?
Which MA programs have particularly good philosophy PhD program placement?
Which MA programs have particularly good non-academic placement?
Which MA programs have distinctive programs tailored to particular interests in philosophy, or particular non-academic activities or careers?
Are there joint degree programs that include an MA in philosophy?
To what extent do PhD program rankings apply to MA programs (given that MA students may take less coursework, and conduct less independent research)?

Faculty in philosophy programs that offer terminal MA degrees are encouraged to share information about their programs, and others in the know are welcome to share their experiences and thoughts.

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