Mentioning R&Rs in research statements?




In our newest “how can we help you?” thread, ABD writes:

To those on the job market, it’s often recommended to include R&R status for papers on your CV (say in an ‘under review’ section). Suppose I discuss this paper on my research statement. Is it appropriate to indicate there, too, that it has received an R&R at a particular journal?

Good question. I don’t think it’s inappropriate to mention an R&R in both places (the CV and research statement), but I wonder whether it might come across a bit heavy-handed. In my experience, the CV is usually the first thing that any search committee member looks at. It’s the easiest way to tell whether a candidate’s AOS/AOC fits the position, how well-published they are (including whether they have R&Rs at good journals), etc. So, if you do list R&Rs on your CV, chances are search committee members will notice it and take it into account there. My sense is that, when reading research statements, search committee members are primarily interested in the ideas themselves: how interesting your research program is, the extent to which you have well-defined (and promising) long-term research plans, etc. 

For these reasons, I’m inclined to think that probably just mentioning R&Rs on your CV will suffice. In fact, listing R&Rs in your research statement might draw unnecessary attention to what you haven’t published yet. So, maybe leave it out of research statements? But these are just some off-the-cuff thoughts of my own. What are yours? It would be great to hear from other search committee members!

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