Mentoring program update




In our newest “how can we help you?” thread, a job market applicant asks:

With the 2022-2023 job market swiftly approaching, I was wondering if the Philosophers’ Cocoon was planning on continuing with the Job Mentoring Program this year. This is my first real go at the market, and I would really appreciate the opportunity to have have someone who has gotten a tenure-track job take a look at my materials.

Unfortunately, for logistical reasons, Helen and I decided that we are not able to run the program this job season. Among other things, interest in the program appeared to decline substantially in the last two years post-COVID, making it progressively more difficult for the program to realize its aims (viz. securing mentors for candidates in need).

It is entirely possible that we may try to restart the program at a later date (e.g. next job season), if /when we are able to work through better logistics for running the program successfully. But, in the meantime, it is my hope that in addition to the Cocoon’s various past job market series, our new job market do’s and don’ts series will help candidates prepare well for the market. This new series will not only work through job market materials (such as cover letters, CVs, and beyond). It will also cover interviews and all aspects of on-campus visits (e.g. research talks, teaching demos, etc.). Finally, once this series is complete, I also hope to run a similar series on the ‘alt-ac’ market (for non-academic industry jobs).

I hope that job candidates find these series helpful, and of course the Cocoon is always here to help job candidates in every way that we can, including in our monthly “how can we help you?” threads.

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