Metaphysical Disputation I. On the Nature of First Philosophy or Metaphysics

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Francisco Suárez, Metaphysical Disputation I. On the Nature of First Philosophy or Metaphysics, Shane Duarte (trans. and annotated with corrected Latin text), The Catholic University of America Press, 2021, 359pp., $69.95 (hbk), ISBN 9780813234021.

Reviewed by Jorge Secada, University of Virginia

This book is a major contribution to the history of philosophy, and in particular to the study of Renaissance and Early Modern metaphysics. Francisco Suárez (1548­–1617) has long been recognized as a towering figure of Late Scholasticism, the movement associated with the revival of the Aristotelian philosophy of the Schools in the XVI and XVII centuries, usually thought to begin with Thomas de Vio, cardinal Cajetan (1468–1534). Suárez’s Metaphysical Disputations is a crowning philosophical achievement of that era, though his noteworthy contributions cut across the discipline, ranging from political philosophy and the philosophy of law (his more widely studied writings for some time), through ethics and the philosophy of mind, to metaphysics. Philosophical interest in his writings has been on the rise recently….

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