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“Utilitarian longtermism is objectionable. Longtermism sans consequentialism is another matter” — Elliott R. Crozat (Purdue Global) considers deontological longtermism
“Most of Earth thus mobilized toward figuring out what is widely thought to be the easiest problem of the three: the line between Anna and not Anna” — a story by Patrick House about how to delineate the boundaries of consciousness
“Aesthetic value makes the world worthwhile, and… a good life is lived in pursuit and reflection of that aesthetic value” but “evil forces a significant qualification to aestheticism” — Tom Cochrane (Flinders) defends aestheticism but lets some moralizing in
“Your love of pleasure, Callicles / Is like a jar that always leaks / Like a jar that leaks and then gets filled again. / Leaking, filling, running wild / Like a tyrant, like a child / Ceaseless wanting is, in fact, a kind of pain” — a song by Luisa Cichowski about the dispute in Plato’s Gorgias between Socrates & Callicles over the place of pleasure in the good life
“The last unit we cover is on ‘The Ethics of Horror,’ and we discuss whether there is something morally dubious about watching and enjoying horror” — Kenneth L. Brewer (UT Dallas) describes his course on the philosophy of horror films
Feel like you’re not good enough to be an academic? Turns out it’s because your parents weren’t good enough at encouraging you — a new study finds that “the less encouragement a doctoral student received from their parents in childhood and adolescence, the more likely they were to suffer impostor feelings”
“It might sound strange, or even offensive, to suggest that writing about threats to free speech could make people afraid of speaking. The thing is, we know this is how behavior works in other domains” — Eve Fairbanks on the gap between talk of cancel culture and its reality

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