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Felipe De Brigard and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (eds.), Neuroscience and Philosophy, MIT Press, 2022, 494pp., $65.00 (pbk), ISBN 9780262045438.

Reviewed by Valerie Gray Hardcastle, Northern Kentucky University

Stemming from a summer seminar series on common projects (or ideas for projects) across philosophy and neuroscience, this book features 14 essays written by small teams of researchers/ scholars from both philosophy and neuroscience on the topics that bedevil both disciplines: consciousness, memory, agency, the self, mental illness, and the like.

In the introduction to this volume, the editors (Felipe de Brigard and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong) stake out the intellectual territory of the book. They claim that neuroscience is far from being able to articulate how the brain works in any detail and “even farther from understanding how brain functions relate to operations of the human mind” (2). Let us set aside the issue of whether these statements are in fact true, and instead…

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