New editorial team at Philosophia




Mitch Green and the Associate Editors at Philosophia write in:

The journal Philosophia has a new editorial team. Mitch Green of the Univ. of Connecticut recently stepped in as Editor-in-Chief and longtime Editor Asa Kasher will remain as Co-Editor-in-Chief with Mitch until stepping down at the end of 2022. (Associate Editor Amir Horowitz will also remain in his position until the end of 2022.) The journal also has a new team of Associate Editors, namely Emma Gordon (Glasgow); Polycarp Ikuenobe (Kent State); Iris Vidmar Jovanović (Rijeka); Jan Michel (Düsseldorf); Linda Radzik (Texas A&M). Kaley Rittichier (Connecticut) is currently serving as Managing Editor. It is expected that at least one more Associate Editor will be appointed in the coming months. Philosophia remains a general philosophy journal and welcomes broadly accessible submissions on all topics of current philosophical interest. Philosophia will continue to commission Author-Meets-Critics symposia, and starting in 2023 will commission state-of-the art essays accessible to a wide audience. Due to the growing number of high-quality submissions, the journal has moved from publishing four issues per year to five.

For more information, please visit Philosophia’s homepage, or contact Mitch Green ( Mitch will also be happy to respond to any questions that Phil. Cocoon readers pose here.


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