New paper in Synthese: ‘Panpsychism and AI Consciousness’




This is just a quick note that I have a new paper with Corey J. Maley (University of Kansas), ‘Panpsychism and A.I. Consciousness‘, out in Synthese. We use the distinction between digital and analog computing to argue that if panpsychism about consciousness is true, then digital A.I. may be incapable of realizing any kind of coherent first-personal experience–and that this also challenges Giuilo Tononi’s Integrated Information Theory of consciousness.
Our argument also informs a partner paper that my former student Micah Summers (Florida State University) and I have forthcoming in the Australasian Journal of Philosophy, ‘Two New Doubts About Simulation Hypotheses‘, where we argue that if panpsychism or panqualityism about consciousness is true, then (contra Chalmers) virtual realities aren’t fully real, and (contra Bostrom) the probability that we live in a simulation is immeasurably small.

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