Nietzsche’s Free Spirit Works: A Dialectical Reading




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Matthew Meyer, Nietzsche’s Free Spirit Works: A Dialectical Reading, Cambridge University Press, 2021, 289pp., $32.99 (pbk), ISBN 9781108463904.


Reviewed by Jeremy Fortier, Claremont McKenna College

This is an exemplary book in many ways. The thesis is original, the argument is rigorous, the writing is clear, and the results are stimulating even if one disputes some of the details. Matthew Meyer contends that we can make the best sense of Nietzsche’s writings by identifying narrative structures embedded within them. That said, the scope of Meyer’s enterprise is not always fully captured by his own characterizations of it.

Meyer (and, for that matter, Cambridge University Press in its blurb for the book) frames his contribution as an exegetical commentary on Nietzsche’s free spirit works (Human, All Too Human; Daybreak; The Gay Science):

The primary aim of this book is to advocate for a paradigm shift…

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