Nietzsche’s Philosophical Psychology




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Mattia Riccardi, Nietzsche’s Philosophical Psychology, Oxford University Press, 2021, 249pp., $70.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780198803287.

Reviewed by Christopher Fowles, University of Oxford

The opening book of Beyond Good and Evil concludes with the claim that psychology is “once again the path to the fundamental problems” (BGE §23). As is now common to note, despite such remarks, Nietzsche’s barely-concealed interest in psychology was for the longest time a rather neglected topic in Nietzsche scholarship. Happily, the situation today is much improved, with major contributions from Paul Katsafanas (2016) and Brian Leiter (2019) entrenching Nietzsche’s writings on the mind as an area of considerable philosophical interest. Prominent in these discussions has been Mattia Riccardi, whose much anticipated book presents an illuminating systematic reconstruction of Nietzsche’s views. While some topics therein will be familiar to those acquainted with Riccardi’s work, the book contains plenty of new material as…

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