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The Daily Philosophy Magazine for August 2022 is out and available on Kindle and as a PDF file for subscribers! Get it on Amazon!

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Welcome once more to our monthly philosophy magazine, the August edition! As always, this edition contains all articles, including the premium ones, that were published on the Daily Philosophy newsletter over the past month.

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This month, we have a number of fascinating articles in the DP Magazine:

A summary of the main arguments in the ethics of abortion. If you ever wondered whether the pro-life or pro-choice advocates are morally right, this is the article for you!
A defence of Artificial Intelligence writing assistants. In the July edition of this magazine, we had an article on, a new AI writing companion. Often, such programs are perceived as threats to the writing professions. Who needs journalists, essayists and book authors if an AI can generate a perfectly usable article on any topic in seconds? In this article, though, which has been thoroughly hand-written, we’ll try to see if there is anything positive about such writing assistants. Might it be that they have a role to play in the writing economy?
In “How Free is Free Enough?” we take on free speech, based on an article by Ronald Dworkin. How much free speech do we really need, and is free speech always a good thing?
Last in this issue, but certainly not least, is a brilliant explanation of Kant’s concept of “categories” by philosopher John Shand, which uses the technology of a weather-station (a so-called “Stevenson-screen”) to illustrate what Kant meant.

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I hope that you’ll enjoy the variety of articles, many of which you will not find anywhere except in these pages! And now, grab a cold drink, switch on the fan against the August heat, and let’s dive in!

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