NTT job at The University of Tampa (AOS: environmental)




Readers of the Cocoon who are the job-market this year may have noticed that my department is looking to hire a full-time, non-tenure-track Teaching Assistant Professor, AOS: Environmental Ethics/Environmental Philosophy. As there are a couple of potentially confusing things about our ad on PhilJobs, I thought that I would clarify a couple of things:

The “full consideration deadline” in the ad was November 1st, but the ad also lists a hard deadline of November 14th and says that “applications will be reviewed until the position is filled.” We are thus currently considering applications, but if you have not applied already and plan to apply, please do apply by November 14th.
Although the position is non-tenure-track, it is in principle a ‘permanent’ and promotable position (there are three Teaching Assistant Professor levels at my university analogous to Associate and full Professor, and the position is renewable in perpetuity).

So, if you are a job candidate interested in a stable, full-time, promotable job in environmental ethics (and willing to live in Florida), please do consider applying if you haven’t already!

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