Philjobs in August: the best market in years?




I know this season’s academic job market has just begun, but I was curious what the job market looks like so far. So, I looked up the number of ads posted to PhilJobs this August, compared it to the previous 10 years, and here is what I found:

Number of job ads posted in August

2022: 56
2021: 35
2020: 17
2019: 53
2018: 42
2017: 35
2016: 46
2015: 49
2014: 37
2013: 55
2012: 63

Obviously, the academic job market in philosophy is perennially tight, and many of these are relatively small differences, but still: at least so far, 2022 seems to be the best job market so far in the past 10 years. Hopefully things keep up, and I’ll post updates each of the next few months.

Good luck, everyone. I know the job market is brutal, but we’re here to help here at the Cocoon in any way that we reasonably can!  

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