Philosophy News Share: End of May, 2022




As mentioned in my Summer 2022 Plans, to help keep readers up to date with philosophy news this summer, I’ll be be creating a space each month for individuals and institutions to share news.

This is the first of these, for the remainder of May.

If you have news of the sort that would typically appear on Daily Nous, please share it in the comments. By now most readers have a sense of what such news is, but just in case, here are some examples:

faculty moves at the associate level or higher involving at least one department with a graduate program in philosophy
philosophers winning awards, prizes, or other honors
philosophers receiving substantial grants
new philosophy journals
new philosophy programs
new research resources for philosophers
new associations or groups for philosophers
policy changes of note at philosophy journals, publishers, institutions
data regarding philosophers, philosophy students, and philosophy (or efforts to gather such data)
innovative presentations of philosophical information (e.g., visualizations)
recognition or development of new methods of teaching philosophy
new or unusual forms of public-facing philosophy
major programs or initiatives regarding issues in the profession
philosophy programs, majors, faculty, threatened with cuts
noteworthy discoveries in the history of philosophy (such as a previously unknown manuscript by a well-known philosopher)
scientific findings or technological developments of particular interest to philosophers
current events regarding philosophers and academic freedom and freedom of speech
philosophers involved with government or government policy
philosophers filing amicus curiae briefs
philosophers or philosophy playing a major role in society and culture
episodes of harassment and discrimination in academic philosophy
episodes of research or writing misconduct in academic philosophy
major interviews of philosophers
deaths of philosophers

This is not an exhaustive list, so if you have something that you think is worth sharing but you’re unsure whether it fit into any of the above categories, give it a shot. Please note:

you’re welcome to include links in your comments, though note that comments with more than one link may get held back automatically for moderation until I have a chance to approve it
images can be included in your comments by clicking on the image icon in the bottom right part of the comment entry box.
self-promotion is okay, provided what your promoting about your self is newsworthy (i.e., yes to “big grant to study such-and-such”, no to “my article about X is coming out in Y.”)
after you publish a comment, you may edit it for up to 15 minutes by clicking on the gearwheel icon that will show up on the bottom right part of your comment as you mouse over it
you can obtain a link directly to your comment for sharing purposes by clicking on the link icon that appears in the top right corner of your comment when you mouse over it after it is pubilshed
you may not make original accusations of wrongdoing in the comments; if you’re going to post something regarding such an accusation, you may only post what has been officially reported in reputable news outlets elsewhere, and must include a link to said outlets
your comments are subject to moderation and possible removal. Sometimes there can be news that, for various reasons, I don’t believe is worth sharing, or things I’m not interested in promoting. (Comments may take a little while to appear.)

This is an experiment; we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for your help with making it work.


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